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Company has vision and committed to provide humanity and social services while giving pollution free environmental to society. Their steps to make carbon free and green energy - fuel based solutions to their customer to make environmental friendly mechanism and technology. Company has taking appropriate action towards this mission of Clean and Green India – Mission by 2020.


Safe Nature Safe Live

Environmental protection is one of the main pillars of Gehlot Machinery’s corporate philosophy. Gehlot Machinery is constantly searching for ways to reduce raw material use, energy consumption and waste. Intelligent systems have been developed to utilize production waste. Our aim is to gear all business activities towards protecting and conserving nature. Our environmental policy is based on the following principles: • Conserving natural resources by using raw materials and energy responsibly. • Using environmentally-friendly technology in research and production. By doing so, we increase safety in the workplace and protect our communities and the environment. • Avoiding and reducing waste; using recycling and environmentally-friendly disposal systems. • Reducing risks to soil, air and water to the greatest extent possible • Preparing for potential dangerous situations in order to protect both, people and the environment.


We are providing training facility for the students

Industrial maintenance mechanics are needed in every industry that uses machinery, from assembly plants to power manufacturers. That’s why we offer a broad range of cutting-edge equipment and fundamental and specialty industrial training solutions that will help prepare students to enter the workforce as skilled professionals who can do more with less, enhance operational efficiency, and improve profitability. Students will gain skills in: electricity, electrical measurements, AC / DC circuits, equipment and controls, drive components, mechanics, manufacturing, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), motor controls, power supplies, hydraulics, pneumatics, troubleshooting, safety and more. The engineering solutions and training equipment we offer apply to a variety of disciplines within mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and electronics engineering. They also meet the highest safety standards to ensure that experiments can be performed in a safe learning environment.


Encourag Interaction with Fun Elments

We provide complete support to customers, from consultation and customized machinery development to production of packaging machine, complemented with extensive after sale service. We work as per the client requirements. We are associated with various clubs and groups that keep us updated about the latest technologies, new machineries and how it can help us expand. This also keeps us update about the market scenarios This keeps us moving with everyday changing and advancing technology and helps us bringing up the old technology with the new ones. We believe and work for customer satisfaction.


Feel proud to Do So

Since 1st April 2008, Gehlot Foundation has been a multifaceted philanthropic initiative. Gehlot Machinery has build development programs in the form of initiatives with a broad focus mainly on Education, Nutrition & Livelihood. It has further identified the potential areas within each of its broad development priorities and have dawned on focused interventions in concern areas such as basic education among the school children, child nutrition, essential vocational training like computer literacy, women empowerment & most critical among all being employment to jobless youth among others which happen to be National concerns of the country and furthermore a part of the country’s agenda for its Millennium Development Goal. The key thematic areas of foundation are: Education, Nutrition and Livelihood.


Serves Best Of Our Side

We help students shaping their ideas into reality. We have latest technology tools that help students to learn complicated concepts easily. Engineers who are not only doing engineering projects but learning from it stands apart from others and becomes productive engineers. We provide an excellent platform for the engineering aspirers to build cool engineering projects as a team or as an individual at their own pace and time, which can be done as a final year main. The skills, in addition to your technical skills, can only be groomed by doing engineering projects practically. So, start to learn and build projects with Gehlot Machinery that actually helps!


Keep refreshing and healthy bonds

The ability to motivate employees is one of the greatest skills. We not only built that culture, but also created a passionate, hard-working team that is as committed to growing and improving the company. Doing this boosts the creativity of workers. Here are few things we do to improve the company and maintain a cool environment: • Taking an employee to lunch once a week. An easy way to remind them that we notice and appreciate their work. • Giving recognition and small rewards. These two things come in many forms: Giving a shout out to someone in a company meeting for what she/he has accomplished. For rewards we give things like dinner, trophies, plaques and bonus. • Throw company parties. Doing things as a group can go a long way. Holding a happy hour. We don’t just wait until the holidays to do a company activity; organizing events throughout the year to remind staff that we’re all in it together.