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Die Punching Machine, Gehlot Machinery, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India


This machine is specially designed for die cutting of paper cup, cake box, pizza box and paper glass. It adopts PLC (programmable logic control) based automation system which gives the smooth running of film from unwind to stacking.
There is a touch screen control called HMI (human machine interface) for feeding the parameters and speed which makes this machine very easy to operate.
Machine has very simple Mechanism that reduces the maintenance and improve the productivity. We can achieve the maximum speed without any changes in the parameters.
Machine has photocell to convert the printed roll. It also has the pneumatic system for ease of operation. Servo motor gives the accuracy of the paper cutting.

Product Demo: Video

Additional featured attachments:

  • 1. Air Shaft
  • 2. Belt Conveyor
  • 3. Tension Control (Brake)
  • 4. Pneumatic Reel Lifter